Transfer Pricing: Indian tax laws require an annual assessment of whether companies with overseas group entities meet the “arm’s length” requirement in their transactions (sales, purchases, services being provided, loans, management fees, royalty payments). Regulations require both a detailed (TP) study by the company and a TP audit report by an external auditor.

With a majority of our clients being overseas entities who have set up Indian businesses,

We assist our clients in the following:

  • Benchmarking studies for businesses to estimate margins and mark-ups in their sector in India
  • Annual transfer pricing studies, estimating the potential mark-up on goods and/or services that an Indian company may receive/pay from/to its overseas group entities
  • Transfer Pricing audit report in the Form 3CEB as prescribed by the Income Tax authorities
  • Liaising with tax authorities in relation to assessment, scrutiny, or dispute
  • Tax planning and optimization for domestic and overseas companies while also factoring in transfer pricing requirements, international tax, double tax avoidance, foreign exchange, and other direct/indirect tax requirements for Indian companies
  • Review of existing policy/documentation with a view to updating and strengthening policies

For questions relating to transfer pricing requirements and how they might apply to your company, reach out to us at